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About me

I have been working in the health care industry for the last 17 years and have had the opportunity to meet some amazing colleagues and patients who have touched my life forever. While on my journey, I began to notice ways we can improve patient care and their overall experiences as well as their families. After working in memory care, mental health, long-term care, assisted living, physician offices, home care, completing an undergrad in health administration, completing rigorous studies with a Director of Operations at a major health organization, graduate school with a gerontology major along with M.B.A. classes. I had a unique opportunity working with a community to identify a niche market. I began working on an idea that incorporated not only superior care but also technology that the industry has never utilized. Aging in place has become a major topic as the baby boomers enter this realm, and as we continue to address the issue of dwindling Medicare dollars. My career and education have and continues to be devoted to improving the lives of others. I thank everyone who has been a part of that journey.