NorthShore Home Care Programs



NorthShore Home Care is committed to providing its clients and community a variety of programs to improve quality of life. Research shows that socially isolated older adults are at greater risk of sickness, disability, and even premature death. The "use it or lose it" theory of healthy aging suggests that the mental workout associated with social engagement could help to maintain your mind and memory. Conversation is a particularly challenging activity. It engages multiple mental skills, including attention, listening, reasoning, language, and memory.  


You're Never too old to learn

Our Never Too Old To Learn program was founded on a simple principle that learning to do new things keeps us engaged.   Learning new things may even prevent age-related neural decline. So whether an individual wants to learn how to play the ukele or cooking up a culinary confection NorthShore Home Care will provide the resources to help its clients pursue things they have always wanted to try. 

Tech Tuesdays

NorthShore Home Care embraces utilizing the latest technology to improve the lives of all.  Every Tuesday NorthShore Home Care will feature courses to teach individuals about a variety of technology that is on the market as well as how to use technology that NorthShore Home Care provides.  Understanding the full spectrum of capabilities that technology can offer can assist anyone wishing to remain in their homes while enhancing their the quality of life.  NorthShore Home Care's staff has conducted extensive research on how older adults learn to use technology and potential barriers, utilizing this data NorthShore Home Care has developed a comprehensive course to improve the lives of all.  



Intergenerational volunteer Program

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