Family Ties & Aging

The potential for conflict in families may be greater today, not because there is less love shared or because older family members are neglected, but rather because the demands and expectations on families as a source of personal identity and satisfaction in life are greater. These demands often exceed the family’s ability to meet them, creating a potential source of guilt and conflict. (Connidis, 2010)”.  None of us have a perfect family. When life becomes more complex, these issues can become exasperated. Aging in place is difficult for both the client and their family as they face new health diagnoses’, decline in ability to perform activities of daily living, encounter role reversal, tackle home modifications, and work to establish care plans. As older adults develop increased needs, family availability and living arrangements often become a source for conflict. Boundaries and sibling conflict are also a common problem encountered  with aging parents. There are many dynamics that typically need to be addressed between aging parents and their children. Children often feel unable to reciprocate the lifetime of support they received from their parents. Our patient adovcate assesses complex client, family, and caregiving relationships to find solutions that are amicable for all parties. Through the program, clients and their families have a higher quality of life and adjust to aging in place. Clients and their families can expect:

  • Practical solutions and easy-to-follow advice

  • Improvement of relationship skills

  • Communication on a deeper level to discuss what’s really important

  • Discover ways to have the necessary conversations with your loved ones

  • Recognize and manage the guilt, anger, resentment and other emotions you may be dealing with

  • Supports healthy coping responses with the stages of death

Our Certified Caregiving Consultant & Patient Advocate, makes recommendations for in-home care, referrals for more extensive care, and connects clients with resources and support through their individual journey. Each client is provided with a customized solution that addresses the family’s dynamics and expectations. With the assistance of the Caregiving Consultant the family and agency can work toward a specific goal through written recommendations to all who are involved in the care.

Melody Lynch