Why using an experienced, ethical agency is essential

When you hire an agency you are getting educated, experienced leadership. Make sure the agency you choose has experience, as not all agencies are created equal.  Many agencies are franchised, requiring little to no education and experience from owners. 

Follow through is everything- many people can talk the talk. When it comes to older adults care, the most essential part of the service is Quality Care! When you hire an agency you are ensuring the safety and best interest of all parties involved. Agencies are required to have a variety of insurance policies and comply with the Department of Public Health's Administrative Code. This code mandates a variety of aspects from employee physicals to safety planning. This compliance provides a system of checks and balances which leads to better caregiver education, experience, and vetting, which all have a direct impact on a client’s health. When you hire an agency you mitigate risk. Caregiver injury is extremely prevalent in home care and agencies protect individuals from lawsuits. Agencies provide formal education on a variety of topics including body mechanics.  Individuals may experience complications, unnecessary hospitalizations and even death when utilizing unlicensed providers.

Consider this, when experiencing symptoms individuals usually go to the doctor. Most people conduct research about the physician before seeing them and would never go to a physician without licensing or credentials, where the potential for more harm than good is high. Third parties not only bring many years of education and expertise, they are also objective and can often assist with accurate assessments. The plan of care is essential, when you hire an agency you are provided with someone who has experience and education to design a plan for a client that addresses all of their physical and emotional needs. 

In closing, there are numerous reasons to utilize an agency. After many years of scenarios witnessed and stories shared, I would like to prevent people from experiencing the heartache that occurs in healthcare all too often.

Melody Lynch